Young Living and an Itovi Scan

I have been learning about the use of pure, therapeutic grade essential oils for a while now, and while it is not the focus of my business, I have certainly seen it's benefits for myself, family, friends and clients.  It is a more natural way to work with your body to achieve health and healing without the side effects of pharmaceuticals.  I have invested in several reference books to assist in researching illnesses and specific oils, and help determine which oils might be helpful for certain issues.

One helpful tool is called an Itovi scanner.  Honestly, I don't fully understand yet just how it works, I only know from anecdotal evidence, it does seem to pinpoint whatever is going on in our bodies and make accurate recommendations.  

Here is a short video clip that might help you understand more:

I have purchased an Itovi scanner and am currently making appointments on my "non-clinic" days (and obviously when I am not away at a labor or birth) to assist myself and others in determining which oils and supplements may be the most helpful when dealing with health issues.  This prevents a lot of trial and error and dollars spent on items that might not help as quickly or efficiently as others. 

I am charging $15 per session with a result emailed to the participant.  If you are interested in purchasing a Young Living wholesale account and do so at that visit, there is no charge for the scan.  I am not into "hard sell", I promise!  What I AM into educating others and myself about being healthy.

If you will click on this link  Schedule an Appointment you can set up a time we can get together in my office for the Itovi scan.

I will also be offering another tool for optimal health with Raindrop Therapy.  This technique involves layering 9 different oils on the feet and back.  These oils are of the highest quality and have properties that are antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, etc.  This is performed on a massage table, but it is NOT a massage. It just gets the oils applied and absorbed into the area of skin on and surrounding the spine and feet so that the benefits are systemic.  These can be scheduled on "off clinic" days also, though because of births and postpartum visits and lack of ability to predict when those will happen, you will need to make sure I have a way to contact you to reschedule and be flexible ;)   There will be a $40 charge for Raindrop Therapy, mostly because the oils are costly.  If you wish to purchase your own oils for use during the therapy and bring them with you, I will only charge $15 for application.

Here are a couple of videos explaining Raindrop Technique and some of the benefits:

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