Sarah B. says: Yesterday was my first prenatal visit for our new baby. Brenda delivered our last baby so it was wonderful to see her again. She is efficient, thoughtful, professional, kind and happy. :) Her office has toys which my other children stay occupied with for the whole visit. All of her assistants have only added to the quality of care that is given. I delivered all four of my babies at home but the last birth (my first with Brenda) was the best so far. I look forward to this pregnancy and birth under her guidance! Go TBS!

Chloe Y. says: My husband and I both are in LOVE with Traditional Birth Services. Brenda was what I imagined to be as our midwife, and much more. She's like our fairy godmother! I feel so calm and confident about my pregnancy and soon to come birth experience, and I know that I'm in good hands. I even boast about her to my two sisters, and they are thoroughly jealous that I have an awesome midwife + team. :) Her gentle and peaceful aura is exactly what I need throughout this whole experience.

Jenn F. says: My family used TBS last year for the pregnancy and birth of our first baby. We had a wonderful experience and felt so comfortable with Brenda. It was so sad to say goodbye after the birth... so we didn't! I've now been back for the Zyto scan which was pretty interesting, a lactation issue, and plan to go back for my well woman visits. If I explained everything great about TBS, I'd have to write a whole book!

Christy J. says: We had recently moved to Georgia from out of state and were looking for an experienced midwife to assist us in the birth of our sixth child. We found Brenda and were very impressed. We felt at home right away and were relieved and very excited to work with her!

Samantha V. says: My first baby was born in a hospital. The whole experience was like being a product on an assembly line. When we found out we were pregnant with our second child nothing inside of me wanted to bring a child into the world through such a cold and indifferent process. After much prayer God graciously helped us find Brenda. The birth of our second child was a radically different experience. Through Traditional Birth Services I was given the tools necessary to have a successful and beautiful birth for my baby as well as a greater confidence in my abilities as a mom. Now we are expecting our third child in November and I am so excited to be preparing for this birth under Brenda's care.

Kecia M. says: This is my 5th pregnancy and I have certainly used midwives in the past, but the service that Brenda provides is unmatched. I have learned more about my body and my sweet baby this pregnancy than all of the others combined. She is not only a great midwife but she has been an excellent means of support during this wonderful yet, tumultuous time of my life. My husband and I are so grateful she was recommended to us.

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