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When you are present for your prenatal appointment, we will usually schedule your next appointment while you are here.  But sometimes things change, mommies go into labor and babies get born, schedules go crazy and you need to change your appointment time.  

Remember to book on Tuesday or Thursday for regular prenatal appointments and consults. If you don’t see anything available, it means all the appointments for those dates are TAKEN!  You should get a confirmation email that the appointment has been accepted at the same email you used to schedule the appointment.  You will also get a reminder email 24 hours before your appointment.  Initial visits+lab can only be scheduled on Tuesdays because of having to ship the labs.  

If you are scheduling an appointment for a consult, please be include your “suspected” due date for me in the “NOTES” section as I am often booked up far in advance.   I can take hybrid clients that are due at any time however.

For those of you who have been clients before, please be aware that 
my office has moved to:

1837 Glynda Dr NE, Marietta 30062

The house sits on the corner of Glynda and Whitehurst, with the driveway actually on the left end of the house on the Whitehurst side.  Pull all the way around to the back of the house and come in the door with the sign for Traditional Birth Services.

Please ALWAYS check your email/voicemail/text messages before heading to your appointment as sometimes a birth calls me away on clinic days (or I am sleeping to recover from an ‘all nighter’).

This is a link to the Google Map to my office.

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