Recommended Products

During Pregnancy:

Leg cramps can be a sign of magnesium deficiency.  There are several products helpful for this!

Prenatals with real FOLATE:

D3 & K2


Other miscellaneous items during pregnancy

Hemorrhoid/vericose vein help (Horse Chestnut)

Great for round ligament discomfort.

Best ’natural’ supplement for preventing UTIs.

Teas for pregnancy insomnia

Valerian Capsules for sleep

Birth and Postpartum Stuff

Great for blocked ducts

This helps prevent and treat blocked milk ducts

I can’t recommend this HIGHLY ENOUGH!

A MUST for flat or inverted nipples.  

This is a combo package that includes one Haakaa pump and a Ladybug discrete one to wear in your bra if you aren’t at home.

Our favorite breast pump.  We do not recommend the Medela because they still have an “open” system which allows for bacteria to grow. Be aware that the Spectra 2 needs to be plugged in and the original Spectra 1 has a rechargeable battery. Chose between the two depending on your needs.

© Brenda Parrish 2023

© Brenda Parrish 2023