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In order for us as a birth activists and advocates to ever succeed in any political action, we need to remember that several generations of mindsets have preceded us.  We have allowed birth to be looked upon as a medical event that needs medical intervention in order to happen and that's just not true for the overwhelming majority of births.  

So, one of the things I decided to do was to design cards for all my clients to use so you can in some small way, help to be a part of the CHANGE!  You already were super smart to RESEARCH your options and to choose to birth at home.  Now, help join together with other home birth parents to replace the fear with facts.  Every time a client successfully and safely births a baby at home, I want them to mail this simple postcard to their representatives in both the House and Senate.  We want them to KNOW that homebirth is happening in our state safely, that you had a baby at home with a good outcome.  Little by little, they will start to know and understand!  (Postcards available from ME!)

Here is a copy of the postcard:

img 3160 med hr

Fill out the name, birthdate and weight of your baby born at home.  Address it.  Stamp it.  Send it!

I'm going to make it super easy for you to do this!  Here is a link that will help you find the names and contact information for YOUR state senators and representatives.  All you have to do is click on the links and search by your zip code.  If your zip code is divided into several districts, you may have to input your address in order to complete the search.  

Search for both your state senator and house representative in YOUR district by putting your zip code in the search bar at the upper right side of this page.

When the search bar pulls up the information for your zip code, click on the "State Legislative" link and it should show you your state senator and representative for your district.  When you click on their names, their contact information will be found on the right side of the page.  Make sure if sending it to their capital office, you put their names in the address.  

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