Midwifery Students

Traditional Birth Services is always open to students needing to accomplish their clinical education.

I currently have two ladies who are working towards certification as CPMs.  

Tonika Jennings



My name is Tonika Jennings.  I am originally from Brooklyn, NY.  I have lived in Georgia for 20 years and have an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education.  I have worked in Exceptional Education for the past 9 years as a Para Professional.  I am also a certified birth doula with DONA International. I am currently a student at the Midwives College of Utah where I am working towards my Bachelor’s Degree in Midwifery.  I also love the Lord Jesus Christ.  The reason I want to become a midwife is because I believe that God created a woman’s body to bring life into the world on its own.  We as women typically don’t need interventions to fix a natural, God designed system.

Peace & Blessings!

Jill Snelson


I have been married to the love of my life for 15 years and have 2 beautiful children with very complicated stories of their arrivals into the world. I did not know it at first, but my calling to all things motherhood would go beyond my own 2 children and include being a doula and training for midwifery, helping other mothers on their own journeys. I really began to delve into the birth world after my first child was born prematurely. I learned during my pregnancy with her that you really must learn everything you can for yourself and be your own advocate. I formally began birth work in 2010 and became certified as a labor doula, childbirth educator, lactation counselor, and placenta encapsulator. I had my own birth work business for 5 years and while I loved every minute of it, I felt called to stay home with my children, homeschooling them as my primary focus. Midwifery has been on my heart for a long time, specifically homebirth midwifery. Working with Brenda at Traditional Birth Services is honestly a dream come true as I can fulfill my hearts work of working with laboring families as well as learning the art of midwifery. I believe that women have the strength they need to bring their babies into the world, and I take the invitation to be included into the sacred space of birth very seriously. It brings me so much joy to watch moms (and dads!) learn more about themselves through the hard and intimate work of bringing their child into the world. 

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