Midwifery Students

Traditional Birth Services is always open to students needing to accomplish their clinical education.

I currently have two students working in the practice and would love to introduce them to you.

Briana Bromfield


My name is Briana Bromfield and I answered the call to midwifery! I started out at Gwinnett College and became a certified and licensed neuromuscular therapist in 2009. Afterwards I took nursing prerequisites at GA State University. Even though, I thought my path was headed toward nursing, I was always curious about homebirth and midwifery outside the hospital, and the option of having my own independent practice. Having already taken a labor doula training course, a midwifery assistant work shop in Amhurst, MA, and being involved in the Birth and Maternal Work Community here in the State of GA, I invested in my first apprenticeship with a holistic midwife in Kona, Hawai’i and experienced my first home birth! Now, having the phenomenal opportunity to apprentice under, Brenda Parrish, an amazing CPM, I am gaining the essential skills and experiences I need as well as becoming enrolled at Midwives College of Utah, I am now on the path I am meant to be on, who I was born to be… a midwife!

Tonika Jennings


My name is Tonika Jennings and I am originally from Brooklyn, NY.  I have lived in Georgia for 20 years and have an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education, having worked in Exceptional Education for the past 8 years as a Para Professional.  I am a certified birth doula with DONA International and am a current student at the Midwives College of Utah where I am working towards my Bachlor’s Degree in midwifery.  I also love the Lord Jesus Christ and the reason I want to become a midwife is because I believe that God created a woman’s body to bring life into the world on its own and we as women typically don’t need interventions to fix a natural, God designed system.

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