Midwifery During COVID-19

In alignment with CDC guidelines and larger health systems navigating care changes for supporting social distancing, I will be making the following changes to my prenatal and postpartum care.

Going forward I request our clients to abstain from bringing friends, extended family, and children to appointments at this time to minimize exposure.  The only exception is if those family members have been following strict quarantine.  At your birth I ask that you limit attendance to 1 additional support person aside from partner (doula, mom, ect) and that all attendees can answer no to all of the COVID-19 screening questions.

Not only is it my responsibility to help reduce the transmission of the virus, but I absolutely need to continue to working through this period to serve families in the midwifery community in this time. Please help keep me available for my clients! 


Prenatal care is essential, necessary, and saves lives.  These are the additional protective measures in addition to hand washing I'm taking for care provided in my office:

  • Wiping down surfaces and equipment in my office and the restroom with medical grade sani-wipes before and after each appointment.
  • Ending appointments 5 minutes early to prevent any waiting time or contact between clients
  • Removing toys from my office.


Screening for symptoms: If you are planning on coming in for an appointment and answer yes to any of these questions, please stay home and call me to set up an online appointment:

  • Have you had a cough, fever, body aches, or a sore throat in the last 14 days
  • Has anyone in your household had the above symptoms
  • Have you been in direct contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or a person whose test is pending?
  • Do you currently have a temperature?

If you should test positive:

Please quarantine at home and let me know you will need to reschedule if you have an appointment within the next 10 days.

If you should demonstrate symptoms within 10-14 days of your due date, please get tested.  I can not attend your birth if you are symptomatic or anyone in your home has COVID symptoms when you go into labor.  I can’t expose my team and all their extended family.  You would need to birth in your local hospital.  Sucks, but that’s COVID for you.

Here is a list of supplements you can take for PREVENTION and TREATMENT:

D3 15,000 IU (If you have not been supplementing, it will take this much to bring up your levels quickly.)

ZINC 30mg

Vitamin C 500mg 2x a day

Quercitin 250 mg

Niacin 100mg for 14 days

NAC 600mg for 14 days

Aspirin 325mg for 14 days or until feeling normal (half that amount for pregnancy)

Zyrtec or Claritin standard dose for 14 days

Pepcid 20 mg 2x a day

Melatonin 6-10 mg at night before bed for 14 days (Melatonin is not to be taken in pregnancy.  This would be for other family members)

Pregnant mothers also can NOT take Ivermectin, but other family members can.  They can opt for a preventative dose or a treatment dose.  Pregnant mothers CAN take hydrochloroquine, however.  It is good to plan ahead. The link below is a list of physicians who you can contact through their Telehealth systems and they can write the prescriptions. 


Here is a great article on taking care of yourself at home:  Mayo Clinic COVID at home

Postpartum Care after Birth

  • The first postpartum home visit is usually scheduled between 24-48 hours after the birth, depending on my availability and the time of day.  Those will continue.  At this visit, I can check baby’s weight, vital signs, do a cardiac screen (CCHD), screen for jaundice, temperature, and tweak any breastfeeding issues with the latch.  Mothers vital signs will also be checked and make sure she is resting, bleeding is stable and she is well supported.  Even though sometimes you need help, make sure you do not allow outside visitors with the exception of a family member who is there specifically to help and is not ill and has not been exposed to the virus. 
  • There will be another home visit around 8 days.  I’ll make sure you are recovering well and baby’s weight has turned the corner and is gaining and breastfeeding is going well.  
  • Please make arrangements to visit the pediatrician of your choice sometime that first week in order to get the state mandated metabolic screen and hearing screen conducted.  Make sure your pediatrician has policies in place to separate well children from sick children.
  • Feel free to reach out to me during the postpartum period if complications arise.
  • There will be a final postpartum visit in my office at 6 weeks.  Please continue to practice social distancing for you and your baby, along with family members.  Continue to limit exposure to outside sources, practice frequent hand washing and wear a mask in public if you need to go out, especially at indoor places.

The COVID Vaccine

I have gotten many questions concerning my thoughts about the COVID-19 vaccine.  I can not compell you to do one thing or the other but I do want to give you the chance to think logically about this issue. 

First and foremost, remember this vaccine still has not received full FDA approval, only approval for emergency use.  As such, they skipped animal and long term testing.  WE are the official guinnea pigs and the jury is still out concerning safety.  It also has NOT been tested on pregnant women and I have heard a growing number of situations where a pregnancy loss followed very quickly on the heels of pregnant women receiving the shot.  Please don’t become a statistic.

Those receiving this experimental jab are not promised immunity.  They have stated that you can still get COVID but may have less severe symptoms.  You will still be required to wear masks and social distance. 

I have been working hard to get all my client’s Vitamin D levels up in not just the normal range, but the OPTIMAL range.  Multiple studies have now indicated that those who have contracted COVID and had the most severe symptoms, including death have also had very low Vitamin D levels.  Vitamin D increases your immune function and is especially helpful with respiratory illnesses.  Plus you get all the health benefits of Vitamin D for you and your baby (increased bone density, less dental cavities, higher IQ, less respiratory illnesses for the infant, lower risk factors for multiple types of cancer for mom, lowered risk for osteoporosis, improved immune function also).  

VAERS is a reporting system for adverse side effects of vaccines.  There have been thousands of deaths following COVID vaccine injections reported.  It is estimated that probably only 10% of actual adverse reactions are ever reported to VAERS. 

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny has an interesting video (if they don’t take it down soon!)

So, if you are interested in my opinion, let’s work on getting your immune system working properly with Vitamin D, some Vitamin C, a little zinc and focus on the great benefits with this route instead of opting for a vaccine that has a huge possibility of side effects for you and your baby without adding any other benefits that you can get with Vitamin D supplementation. 

Transfer of Care to Home Birth

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a significant increase in pregnant people reaching out to home birth midwives like myself to transfer to planned home birth care. Community midwives are in a unique position of providing a model of care that works well in pandemics because our clients have less exposure to waiting rooms, hospitals, and only see one provider during visits and two providers during your birth. Our midwifery community is doing everything we can to increase our capacity to absorb the volume of new clients, and tailor our care to support folks who are now choosing to birth at home.

You now have the option of scheduling a consult via Zoom or FaceTime if you prefer that over an office consult. Please see my “Schedule Appointment” page to arrange that.

At this time, I am only taking mothers who have are no further along than 32 weeks and live within my travel radius from Lawrenceville, GA.  You must have had a normal course of pregnancy, are negative for gestational diabetes and have no other health concerns.  You must have your records in hand including labs, ultrasound reports and prenatal appointment information.

Availability is listed on my Welcome page in the left column.

At home, please routinely clean surfaces that get touched a lot:  doorknobs, counters, faucets and handles, light switches and keyboards, remote controls.  

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