Glucose Testing

Right around your 28th week of pregnancy,  a simple finger stick in the office will help us to determine two things---your current hemoglobin and your blood sugar.  

Your blood sugar will be tested one hour after you have consumed 50 grams of glucose.   It should be within normal range.  If it is not, don't panic.  We will send you home with a glucometer and instructions on how to test yourself for several days.  We will have you test yourself first thing in the morning (fasting) and then an hour after your meals for a couple of days and see how your body is handling your normal diet.  If your glucose levels are within normal range then there is no problem.  But if your levels are higher than normal, you will need to commit to eating a diabetic diet for the remainder of your pregnancy and achieving normal glucose ranges in order for us to continue to consider your pregnancy "low risk".

You may test in my office after consuming either:

10 oz of grape juice

28 dye free jellybeans (See the abstract concerning this protocol HERE)

1 bottle of Naked Juice’s Red Machine drink

Fresh Test powder (to be mixed with water) and drank one hour before testing (order in advance)

Alternately, you can purchase an inexpensive glucose monitoring system from any drug store and test your blood sugar at home for a week (fasting and two 1-hour after a meal) and send me the results.

Please consume your 50 grams approximately one hour before your appointment!  Fast after midnight before your appointment (drink all the water you want).

For those who get a positive confirmation of Gestational Diabetes, I have a new resource for you!  A former client, Vitalia Albertson has received special training in nutritional counseling focusing on pregnancy and gestational diabetes.  She will be your “go to” girl for this issue.  When a mom is first diagnosed, there is a LOT of back and forth as she learns what she can and can not eat during pregnancy, how to manage her diabetes and menu planning.  There is not a single OB who does this for you but they refer you to a nutritionist for help.  I have lot of ideas and recipes in my office, along with some good book recommendations but it is very time consuming to help each mother as she is learning.  That’s why I usually refer you to Vitalia.  Her email is and her website is Hey Empowered Mama.

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