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Birth clients will need to sign the documents electronically in your chart on Mobile Midwife.  Please complete your history and let me know where you want to have your labs drawn (choices outlines in initial emails) or have your current records transferred to me.  My fax number is 404-352-5125.

Order my custom birth kit HERE

If you intend to do a water birth, I carry the 6ft round pools and loan them to my own clients. Have them add the pool liner to your kit.  Add THIS one.

If you want the more expensive custom fitting liner, you can order THIS one instead.

If you are Rh negative we will need to type the baby’s blood, so add an Eldon card to your order.  

Please have half of the midwifery fee paid by 20 weeks and the total is due by the 36 week home visit.

Always remember to check email or voicemail before leaving for an appointment since that is the way I inform clients I have been called away to a birth!

Because nutrition is such an important facet of your care, I include a handout for you to download and keep track of your meals/snacks.  This is very helpful in determining if you are getting enough protein and other nutritious foods!  You may want to keep a journal for a full week before we meet so we can go over diet and nutrition.

Nutrition Journal

I have been learning more about the use of Essential Oils, both for aromatherapy and for medicinal use.  I became a distributor for Young Living oils because I believe their quality is unparalleled.  If you wish to purchase any, it is cheaper just to join and become a distributor yourself.  When I joined, I started with the “Premium Starter Kit"  which is probably some of the most commonly used oils to start with and a good all around set.  Click here to join.  You will be receiving some samples during pregnancy to try!  I have a group on Facebook open to anyone for ongoing classes if you want to join in.  I have taught on using EOs during pregnancy and with children, detoxing, emotional release, stress and sleep issues, etc. You can join the group HERE.

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