Childbirth Classes

Something NEW!

Childbirth classes can be arranged with certified instructor, Jill Snelson.  These are conducted just for Traditional Birth Services clients.


There will be three classes total, including one focusing on just breastfeeding.  Cost is $200 for all of the sessions, which is a bargain (if you have been pricing classes, you will know what I mean!)  You can also take the stand alone Breastfeeding class for $100.  This class is highly recommended for all first time parents and also for those who have never attempted a natural, unmedicated birth before.

This class will be a comprehensive class geared for home birth families and will cover topics such as:

Stages of labor and birth vocabulary
Reasons for possible transfers to the hospital
Immediate postpartum (what does that look like and how is it managed)
Postpartum care at home—planning ahead
Coping skills for labor and class practice
Positions for laboring and pushing
The dad’s role in setting up for the birth
The newborn exam and decision making concerning common procedures
Breastfeeding: positions for feeding, getting a great latch, tummy size, frequency of feeding, etc
And more….. 

Class times are arranged by Jill and the client for the convenience of both.  You can contact her @ with the contact email below.  Jill works really hard to customize the place and timing of the classes for my clients!

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