Birth Certificates

The process to file for a birth certificate for your new baby has become much easier!  The state of Georgia’s Vital Statistics office has made certified midwives registrars for birth certificates, which means the paperwork for our clients is now very simple.

NOW, you only need to print or complete this worksheet and fill out the pertinent information after the baby is born.  If possible, I like to go ahead and pick up this worksheet at the very first postpartum visit and then I can go ahead and get the process in the works for you.  (This new version has been made fillable by a client)


If everything gets filed in a timely manner and you checked the box that requested a social security card at the same time, you should receive the SS card in the mail in approximately three weeks.  The birth certificate WILL NOT be mailed to you but you will need to contact vital records in your county and make arrangements to purchase and pick up a certified copy from their county office.

However….if you don’t mind paying a bit more and don’t want the hassle of going to a registrar’s office, you may visit this website for more information about ordering a copy of the birth certificate online and having it mailed to you.


Please attend to getting this accomplished in a timely manner!  I am required to have these completed within 5 days of the birth. 

Here is a list of the registrar's offices for each county in Georgia.  Look up your county to see where to take your paperwork.

Georgia State list of county registrars

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