My role is to educate expectant parents and to assist them in their goal of a safe natural homebirth and a successful breastfeeding experience. 

Many low-risk mothers prefer to birth in the privacy and comfort of their own home. Study after study has shown that birth at home with a skilled attendant is a safe option for low-risk mothers and babies. Click on the Birth@Home link to learn more.

I never want a mother to fail at breastfeeding for lack of knowledge or support. My clients gain the benefit of my extra training and expertise in this area.  Click on the Breastfeeding link to learn more.

Check out the Resources page to learn more about local and internet resources on a variety of topics for expectant parents.

Current birth clients check out the Client page for the paperwork to get your birth journey started.

I would love to have you connect with me via my Facebook page and my Instagram account!

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